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No more stinky wetsuits!
Pau Pilau wetsuit cleaner takes out the odor completely!
NOW $10.49
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NOW $6.74
PAU PILAU is an All-Natural wetsuit cleaner formulated for use on wetsuits and other neoprene products. It is the environmentally safe way to not only clean your wetsuit, but also restore your wetsuit to its store bought condition by restoring its elasticity, in turn extending the life of your wetsuit. PAU PILAU is an economical easy-to-use concentrate that will penetrate into the pores of the neoprene and digest all foul smelling organic matter such as urine,mold and algae residue. PAU PILAU natural wetsuit cleaner is a bacterial formulation found in nature that rids neoprene of harmful organic waste. PAU PILAU dormant (in the bottle) once activated in water immediately seeks out organic waste as its food and energy source. When you wash a wetsuit with PAU PILAU the byproduct is water and carbon dioxide, just as in decomposition and recycling in nature.
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